The Best Works of Woo Jong Eok Mon. August 8, 2016 15:00 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center

University of Ulsan Symphonic Band Korea
Composer Woo Jong eok Conductor Im Dae heung Trumpet Im Seung gu
The Univertsity of ulsan ‘Symphonic Band’ has been achieving great development since its establishment in 1998. Annual Concert 2002, starting with the first invited to play abroad, the local tour playing, planning, playing regular gigs sikimyeo expanding the base of school and community of interest, even a short history of national-class University Wind Orchestra evolving. Participating in each year from 2007 through Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival Wind Orchestra and the flow of international goodwill through to further develop the performance power each year by hosting regular concerts by inviting foreign renowned conductors and performers to show off the high-performance power available. Ulsan University Symphonic Band energetic forward play is based on the novelty and Symphonic Band to cater to the global effort to best hope..

Symphonic poem “Father Land"------------------------arr. Kizu Kiyoshi
Music for Orchestra “Woon Yul”------------------------arr. Kizu Kiyoshi
Trumpet Concerto-------------------------------------arr. J. Kamoi
Ⅰ. Lamentoso
Ⅱ. Vigoroso
Ⅲ. Misterioso Vigoroso

Ⅰ. Andante
Ⅱ. Moderato Allegretto
Love of Buckwheat Flower Overture---------------------arr. A. Tajima
Symphony “Arirang” 3 movement-----------------------arr. Kizu Kiyoshi

Maestro Concert ⅠTue. August 9, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center

▷Antonio Bazzini(arr. Eric Wilson) / The Goblin´s Rondo
▷Edvard Grieg(arr. Tormod Flaten) / At Rondane
▷Peter Graham / Brillante
Euphonium Tormod Flaten Piano Lee So in
▷Keiko Abe / Marimba Concertino "The WAVE"
for Two Marimba & Percussion (special duo version)
Marimba Ludwig Albert Marimba Oh Seung myeong

▷Ludwig van Beethoven(arr. Kevin R. Webb)
Allegro con brio from the 5th Symphony(1st mvmt)
▷Jan Bach / Round & Dances 4th,5th mvmt
▷Kurt Sturzenegger / Encyclopedia of the Opera
▷Tadeusz Kassatti / Matutinal from Small street music
▷Kurt Sturzenegger / Li Plaisi de Monodzonai for Alphorn
soloist : Christophe Sturzenegger
▷Thomas Ruedi / S'isch ABE-N-E Moncsh uf ARDE
▷Tommy Dorsey / Trombonology - soloist : David REY
▷Jean-François Michel / Three Pastels of the "Bell e Poque"
▷Christophe Sturzenegger / GBQ Presentation
▷Jean-François Michel- Finish
Geneva Brass Quintet

Maestro Ⅱ · Rising Star Concert Wed. August 10, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center

▷C. Saint-Saëns / Oboe Sonata in D major,Op.166.I Andantino
▷H. Vieuxtemps / Elegy for Viola and Piano Op.30
Bass Trombone Denson Paul Pollard Piano Kim Mi Yang
▷Jia Hu shui / River
Bassoon Li Lan song

▷Øystein Baadsvik /Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra
Tuba Øystein Vaadsvik Piano Maki Yamamoto

▷A. Vivaldi / Concerto for 2 Trumpets in C major, RV 537
Trumpet Lionel Jaquerod Trumpet Ahn Seok yeong
▷L. v. Beethoven(arr. K. R. Webb)
Allegro con Brio from the 5th Symphony(1st mvmt)
▷J. Bach/ Round & Dances. IV Idyl, V Glop
▷T. Dorsey/ Trombonologyera
▷J. F. Michel/ Three Pastels of The "Belle Époque"
Ⅰ. In The Street
Ⅱ. The Flirt
Ⅱ. The Flirt
Ⅲ. Night Club
Bass Trombone Choir

Geneva Brass Quintet / Switzerland
Mon. August 8, 2016 19:30 p.m. Seogwipo Arts Center
Tue. August 9, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center
Thu. August 11, 2016 20:00 p.m. Lee Joong seop-ro Open Air Theater광극장
Sun. August 14, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Seaside Arts Center

Geneva Brass Quintet Switzerland
Established in 2001, the Geneva Brass Quintet is a group of Swiss musicians. Eager to create a close-knit musical unit and being particularly attracted to chamber music, they formed the ‘Geneva Brass Quintet’ (GBQ) with the aim of sharing their passion with the public. In 2008, the GBQ started an international career with an extensive tour in South Africa. After this, they embarked on another extensive tour in China and a concert in Dubaï in 2011. In 2012, the Cervantino Festival, for its 40th anniversary, invited the GBQ to perform 10 concerts across Mexico. The GBQ repertoire is extremely eclectic in style and period. It also emphasises Swiss composers, many of whom have written pieces specifically for the GBQ. Finally, each year in October, the GBQ organises the Geneva Brass Festival, an internationaleventdedicatedtobrasswhichtakes placeinGeneva.

Girolamo FRESCOBALDI (arr. Fred Mills)--------------TOCCATA
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (arr. Fred Mills)--------RONDO
soloist : Christophe STURZENEGGER
Étienne CRAUSAZ (swiss composer)--------------LULLABY from the FIRST SUITE FOR BRASS QUINTET (2nd mvmt)
Derek BOURGEOIS-----------------------------------------EBURON
Tommy DORSEY-------------------------------------------TROMBONOLOGY - soloist : David REY
Jean-François MICHEL (swiss composer)--------------THREE PASTELS OF THE "BELLE ÉPOQUE"
1st mvmt IN THE STREET
2nd mvmt THE FLIRT
Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (arr. Kevin R. Webb)---------ALLEGRO CON BRIO from the 5th SYMPHONY (1st mvmt)
Jan BACH --------------------------------------------------ROUND & DANCES
4th mvmt - IDYL
5th mvmt - GALOP
Kurt STURZENEGGER (swiss composer)----------------ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE OPERA
Tadeusz KASSATTI (swiss composer)-------------------MATUTINALE from SMALL STREET MUSIC (1st mvmt)
Kurt STURZENEGGER (traditional swiss tune)---------LI PLAÏSI DÈ MONODZONAÏ for Alphorn
soloist : Christophe STURZENEGGER
Thomas RÜEDI (traditional swiss tune)-----------------S'ISCH ÄBE-N-E MÖNSCH UF ÄRDE
Christophe STURZENEGGER (swiss composer)--------GBQ PRESENTATION
Jean-François MICHEL----------------------------------- FINISH
Jean-François MICHEL (swiss composer)----------------START !
Krister DANIELSSON---------------------------------------KONSERTANT SVIT for tuba - soloist : Eric REY
3rd mvmt - ANDANTE
1st mvmt - ALLEGRO VIVO
Koen SEVERENS------------------------------------------CHORUS for trombone solo - soloist : David REY
Harry JAMES (arr. Samuel Gaille)-------------------------CONCERTO for trumpet - soloist : Samuel GAILLE
Charlie CHAPLIN )----------------------------------------THE CIRCUS(arr. Christian Gavillet & Samuel Gaille
Marcel SAURER (swiss composer)------------------------KLEZOMANIA
Jean-François MICHEL-----------------------------------WALTZ OF THE KISSES
Koen SEVERENS------------------------------------------CHORUS for trombone solo soloist : David REY
Harry JAMES (arr. Samuel Gaille)------------------------CONCERTO for trumpet - soloist : Samuel GAILLE

O’Brass / Belgium
Thu. August 11, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center
Fri. August 12, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Seaside Arts Center
Sun. August 14, 2016 18:00 p.m. Lee Joongseuop-ro Open Air Theater

O’Brass Belgium
O’Brass is a professional brass ensemble from Belgium. Over the past couple of years, it has grown into a young and dynamic brass ensemble. O’Brass is an ensemble bringing music of all periods and genres, and collaborating mostly with promising and equally young Belgian omposers. The ensemble consists of 12 musicians, including 10 brass musicians and 2 percussionists. This composition ensures its greatly diverse sound and a wide range of possibilities on stage. Any O’Brass performance will guarantee you a refreshing, high-quality musical happening. Over the years to come, O’Brass wishes to establish itself increasingly as a household name within the national and international world of brass music, prioritizing musical quality at any time.

G. Rossini(arr. G. Bergler)------------------La Gazza Ladra
M. Moussorgsky(arr. E. Chasanov) ----------Night on a bald mountain
J. V. d. Roost-----------------------------Tre Skizze
T. Susato(arr. G. D. Vos)-------------------Suite from Danserye
G. Holst(arr. G. D. Vos)--------------------Jupiter from The Planets
M. Moussorgsky(arr. D. Reynders)----------The great Gate of Kiev
R. Gliere---------------------------------Russian Sailor’s Dance
N. Rota(arr. T. Caens)---------------------Huit et demi
B. Leys-----------------------------------Dolor Brevis
E. Crespo---------------------------------Fogo da Mulata
B. Lycke----------------------------------Walk the Walk
S. Aertgeerts------------------------------Zodiac
C. Hazell---------------------------------Three Brass Cats
Irish folksong(arr. J. Iveson)----------------Londonderry air
J. Parker---------------------------------A Londoner in New York(part 1, 4 and 5)
J. T. Dalmau------------------------------Amparito Roca
R. Gliere---------------------------------Russian Sailor’s Dance
G. Gershwin(arr. P. J. Lawrence)-----------Buzzin’ the bee

Menagerie Brass Quintet / Japan
Mon. August 8, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Seaside Arts Center
Fri. August 12, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center
Sat. August 13, 2016 18:00 p.m. Lee Joong seop-ro Open Air Theater
Tue. August 16, 2016 19:30 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center

Menagerie Brass Quintet Japan
In 2012, we established Menagerie Brass Quintet when we all studied at Tokyo University of the Arts. We've studied brass Quintet under Hiroki Tochimoto who is the associate professor of Tokyo University of the Arts and had been the member of NHK Symphony Orchestra until 2012, and we took the master class of Timothy Morrison who was the member of Boston Symphony Orchestra and Empire Brass. We had own regular concerts on 2014 and 2015 .On each concerts we got the good reviews. In 2015, unanimously we won the first prize on the Jeju International Brass Competition. The each member of Menagerie Brass Quintet have won the solo competition and performing at the professional Orchestra as extra member and also playing an important role in coaching school band. We have a lot of concerts every year and every time we perform we are admired for our sounds, technique and harmony. In addition to this concert in Beijing, we will be invited to Korea as the guest and have 2 weeks concert tour this summer. Our repertory includes many kinds of music;classical music, modern music, pop music and some easy style music children can also enjoy them.prosperity and development of m usical culture in Ningbo. We promote national culture and high art by conducting symphony artistic exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions in domestic and out of the world.

J. Cheetham----------------------------- Brass Menagerie
J. Dassin-------------------------------- Les Champs-Elysees
A. Lotti(arr. L. Tinguely)-------------------Sonata G-dur
C. Debussy(arr. J. Gale)------------------The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
A. Humpfat(arr. S. Irvine)------------------Tuba Polka
P. Nagle---------------------------------Jive for Five
L. Bernstein(arr. J. Gale)------------------Music from ”West Side Story”
Japanese folk song-----------------------Jongara-Bus

ZIEUMZIGI Brass Choir / Korea
Fri. August 12, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center
Sat. August 13, 2016 20:00 p.m. Lee Joong seop-ro Open Air Theater

ZIEUMZIGI Brass Ch Korea
ZIEUMZIGI Brass Choir is united group of Korean Brass friends. ZIEUMZIGI means share a friendship and passion through music. This juvenescence Brass choir consists of brass virtuosos who member of prominent orchestras in Korea. The members of ZIEUMZIGI Brass Choir realized the importance of chamber music and essentials of ensemble. We are endeavor to do our duty of musical advance for Korean music society and continues to grow as a representative brass choir of Korea.

Øystein Baadsvik-----------------------------Fnugg Blue
S. Foster-------------------------------- Jenie with the Light Brown Hair
Irish folk song----------------------------Londonderry Air
arr. R. Harvey----------------------------Battle of Jericho
C. Hazell--------------------------------Brass cats(Kraken)
J. D. Hann-------------------------------Ross Roy

The Best Works of David Gillingham Sat. August 13, 2016 20:00 p.m. Jeju Culture & Art Center

ROK navy Symphonic Band Korea
ComposerㆍConductor David Gillingham Bass Trombone George Curran Marimba Nathan Daughtery
The Republic of Korea Navy Band established in April, 1946, to encourage the sailors and to exchange cultures between the people and the military. Since then, The band also organize a cruiser team every year to show the Korea traditional cultures and to show the excellency of the Korea Navy to the world. Also, since 2000 the band has been invited to many music festivals, gaining much recognition world-widely. The band tours everywhere in Korea to play for the people. The Republic of Korea Navy Band, as they are, will be a friend of the nation and will be a leader of wind ensembles in Korea.

Crest of Honor
Be Thou My Vision
Vital Signs of Planet Earth(Bass Trombone Concerto)
Beautiful Dreamer
Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble
With Heart and Voice

New Third Stream Quartet

Fri. August 12, 2016 20:00 p.m Lee Joongseuop-ro Open Air Theater
Sat. August 13, 2016 16:00 p.m. Jeju Museum of Art
Sun. August 14, 2016 18:00 p.m Jeju Culture & Art Center

New Third Stream Quartet USA
The New Third Stream Quartet was formed in the interest of combining the rhythmic and improvisatory language of contemporary jazz with elements of modern chamber composition. The saxophonists in the quartet are all accomplished jazz and classical saxophonists, and performances focus on the creative energy of progressive jazz as well as the precision and communication found in traditional saxophone quartets. The flexibility of jazz improvisation is balanced with the rich harmonic and timbral colors of 21st century classical music. The quartet’s repertoire consists primarily of commissioned works and the ensemble is dedicated to encouraging composers to unite jazz and classical styles. The NTSQ gave its inaugural performance at the World Saxophone Congress in Bangkok, Thailand in 2009 and has performed at subsequent WSC’s in Scotland and France, at North American Saxophone Alliance conferences, and at numerous recitals across the US. The NTSQ’s recent CD One for Four is available on Teal Creek Records .

D. Martinez Huaihai
W. Swindler Three Lyricles, Movement II
J. Duran Swell and Flow
T. Gilmore Homage to Bela Bartok for Saxophone Quartet, Mvmt II & III
P. Sommer Ataraxia
K. W. Lee Kaleidoscope for Saxophone Quartet
P. Kim Vernal Falls
D. Gillespie, C. Pozo, & G. Fuller(arr. P. Kim) Manteca